Optimal Playing Surfaces

All of our squash court flooring systems provide the optimal playing surface for squash. The products we use at Courtcraft provide the right amount of surface texture to provide good traction for a fast-paced sport, excellent shock absorption, resilience & ball response and a uniform light colour to sight the ball properly in play. Courtcraft squash court floors comply with the latest European performance standard EN 14904. We offer a choice of systems from leading manufacturers to suit your preferences and your budget; solid Junckers SylvaSquash beech which is approved by the World Squash Federation and England Squash, or Boen’s new Arenaflex Squash, an engineered board with beech or maple wear layer.

Beech Sylvasquash

At Courtcraft, we primarily use Junckers’ Beech SylvaSquash floorboard, as it offers a high degree of friction. This is an essential quality when playing squash and is necessary for any form of fast-moving sport. In order to provide the high level of friction required by the sport, the floorboard is unsealed and has a slightly roughened surface, while still keeping risk of injury to an absolute minimum.

“Junckers solid hardwood sports flooring is produced and categorized in accordance with EN 13629, EN 14904 and Junckers own factory standard.” - Junckers

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